About Us

Blount Lifestyle PAC is driven to elect Blount County’s best leadership for right now.

Blount Lifestyle PAC is a non-partisan, conservative organization that promotes candidates who support and enable state and local government cooperation in making Blount County a community where people want to live and work. Its endorsements are based on fiscal conservative candidates who are aligned with the values that continue to guide Blount County. Blount Lifestyle does not necessarily focus on the candidate’s political party affiliation.

For more information or to get or give support, email info@blountlifestyle.org.

Our Community Wants Candidates Who:

Will invest in opportunities to broaden our children’s education in grades K -12 and beyond, while also supporting family-oriented civic events.

Will work with the business community to provide ample employment choices, so that our children can pursue fulfilling careers in our community (without moving out of the area).

Will ensure we have plentiful and appropriate housing choices for Blount County families.

Will help develop our community into safe and vibrant neighborhoods where young couples can raise families.

Will provide solid examples to our citizens of how true leaders collaborate to get community work done.

Citizens Deserve:

Candidates that use constructive dialog when discussing issues.

Candidates to work together for sound solutions.

County officials who do not act like many politicians in Washington D.C., New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and many other communities large and small.

Our Community will NOT Tolerate:

Candidates who spread polarizing misinformation against any

group or individualand distort facts to fit their agenda.